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Video Marketing for SaaS: Why It’s Crucial and How to Do It Right?

Video Marketing for SaaS: Why It’s Crucial and How to Do It Right?

When spreading the word about your business, the content you create rules the roost. Within the modern marketing realm, no other form of content comes close to exerting the powerful influence of online video content. The inheritance of our global community and extensive access to the World Wide Web on our devices, SaaS, web apps, and the boosting of social media platforms have played their part in creating it.

Today, companies compete with businesses in their country and industries from around the world. Companies must find it easier to maintain existing customer relationships and win new customers. As a result, a strong B2B video marketing for SaaS strategy is more necessary than ever. 87% of Content Marketing Experts now specifically prioritize video content, and 83% of those marketers are realizing successful B2B video marketing ROI. 

This surge, in turn, has presented advantageous collaboration opportunities between SaaS businesses and video marketing agencies. Deciding whether or not to make videos part of your SaaS marketing strategy is a complex task. It involves understanding and navigating multiple factors, so it is important to have a professional video marketing agency onboard to design and execute the strategy for you.

What is Video Marketing for SaaS Funnel?

Video marketing is a powerful tool for B2B SaaS companies to showcase their products and services, disseminate educational content, increase visibility, and build a following or generate interesting leads.

Video Marketing for SaaS

Types of Video Marketing for SaaS Companies

Video marketing is a vital component of digital marketing, with both content and graphics being heavily involved in the process. Most businesses hire professional content marketing agencies to come up with interactive story boards and scripts, while graphics and video design agencies help them create interactive visuals aligned with the storyline.

Here are six distinctive categories of video marketing strategy for SaaS that can assist you in creating a creative explainer video and attracting clients for your business:

1. SaaS Product Demonstrations:

The main purpose of a SaaS product demo video is to walk the viewer through the entire user interface of your product. These videos are great for educating potential customers on how to use your product and also serve as a marketing tool to show possible buyers how your product helps solve a common problem.

2. SaaS Advertising Promotions:

A SaaS Ad Promo is usually a short video (15-30 seconds) used to create brand awareness and attract new customers by showing how your SaaS solution can help their growth.

Ideal for your company’s web page, these long-winded videos currently need to be deployed in your social media strategy. They are a top-notch lead generator but will traditionally enter your switched-on prospect list at the first step of any sales funnel.

3. How-to-Use SaaS Videos:

Using Video Tutorial Software is a great way for companies to help increase their ROI by providing a value-added service to their customer. It can also open up other marketing opportunities in the future.

This software creates a how-to guide, allowing companies to share knowledge and experience with their customers. Additionally, this is a valuable tool to help convince potential customers to purchase their product. How-to guides also help improve the customer experience since the more a customer knows about a product, the easier it is for them to use it.

The how-to video aims to increase sales as it is one of the SaaS marketing best practices, but its goal for the customers should be different. The immediate goal of the how-to video is to inform the customer of the UX of your sales and convince them that your product is the best growth tool.

4. SaaS Whiteboard Animations:

SaaS whiteboard video is used primarily to display products, cut creation time, and improve transactions through uncomplicated summary graphics and a physical demonstration. This video uses a series of still (or, in some cases, moving) graphics on a plain white background combined with a voice-over narration that describes the administration or purchasing trip using images and transitions.

5. SaaS Customer Stories:

Use of customer testimonials in the form of a video is used to convince other potential customers to use your SaaS solution.
Think of them as social proof that your product or service has successfully solved the pain points of an audience with similar demographics, and your SaaS brand could, too.

6. SaaS Case Studies:

Case studies for SaaS offer an expert interview, customer success story, and customer testimonials; all weaved into the case study.

They can be awesome to have on a landing page since they can help improve your SEO ranking and show visitors that you are dedicated to your customers.

What Makes Video Marketing for SaaS Different?

Video marketing for SaaS stands out due to its distinct challenges and opportunities, including the complexity of explaining software, the absence of physical products, and the nuanced nature of recurring purchases.
Transform Your Marketing with Compelling Stats

The Challenge of Complexity: 

SaaS solutions typically address difficult issues and subtle pain points. Potential customers occasionally don’t even realize they have an issue, it turns out. In other cases, they struggle to articulate their problem or the desired solution.
Another significant challenge for potential customers is learning how to use SaaS solutions, integrating them into current workflows, and gaining organizational support.
It is frequently harder to communicate the value of a solution the more complicated it is, especially to users or stakeholders in non-technical roles.
Because of this complexity, it is challenging for SaaS marketers to engage audiences with captivating narratives and to educate them.
Using video-based challenge funnels to expose your product or solution in manageable chunks is one approach to boost yourbvideo marketing B2B ROI.

The Absence of Physical Products:

Live-action product videos can always be included in atoms-world product promotion. They help give viewers a clear understanding of what they purchase.
However, there is yet to be a tangible product to display with bits-world SaaS products. Before purchasing something, individuals instinctively want to experience what it could be like to be its owner.

Although it’s more challenging than spending a day filming some product videos for your social media posts and advertisements, there are ways to simulate the experience of using your SaaS product.

The Nuance of Recurring Purchases:

The SaaS model implies that users must “repurchase” the product each month (or annually). Physical goods are often purchased as stand-alone purchases, while some are sold on a subscription basis.

This distinction has several implications.
Because of the high LTV, high switching costs, and low exit barrier, you must create marketing and sales collateral that will:
The greatest impact will come from having a comprehensive collection that includes a demo video for each of your product’s highest-value use cases and your audience’s pain concerns. Sales and customer loyalty and retention can be increased with a well-executed product demo and screencast plan.

The Significance of Video Marketing in the SaaS World

Video marketing has emerged as a game-changer in the SaaS industry, transforming how businesses communicate, educate, and engage with their audience.

How to Get Started With SaaS Video Marketing

Enhancing Conversion Rates

Compared to other forms of marketing, SaaS video marketing generates three times as many conversions. It is much simpler to market to individuals when spoken to in a language they can comprehend. The idea of 48-hour sales cycles is quickly becoming inefficient. You have all the information ready to sell when you use video sales.

Amplifying Customer Retention

It has been researched that SaaS video marketing campaigns increase client retention by 80%. Customer satisfaction is raised when they can use the product.

Elevating Inbound Calls

You can offer your potential customers video sales messages as an alternative to cold emails to watch and respond to. Why? Because sales callers are eleven times more likely to close a deal than passive prospects.

Establishing Relatability for Your SaaS Brand 

Visual content engages people more effectively. Video is a powerful tool for online marketers to connect with their audience. Higher conversion rates follow as clients feel more associated with the SaaS brand.

Expanding SaaS Brand Awareness

Each video you create adds to the amount of ‘content’ that search engines can discover and index. As a result, you will rank higher in search results, which will raise both consumer knowledge of and interest in your SaaS business.

Crafting Effective Video Marketing for SaaS 

With these SaaS marketing tips you can create compelling and best B2B marketing videos that engage and captivate your audience, you can maximize the potential of your SaaS company.

Sending the Right Message

The messaging for your b2b marketing SaaS must be in line with your company’s aims and objectives. Consequently, video marketing is a fantastic technique to communicate the proper message to your audience successfully.

Whatever you sell, videos need to be interactive and interesting.Know exactly what you intend to accomplish. Videos should be produced according to their intended purpose, whether to raise awareness or inspire action. Instead of being cluttered, the information in the video needs to be easy to follow and directional. 
Instead of being cluttered, the information in the video needs to be easy to follow and directional. 

Designing Compelling Videos

Video Length: The video should be at most three minutes. It should be a manageable length but still communicate the intended point.
Animation: To make the animation entertaining, use interactive animations in the text, music, and design. However, use less format since this will make it complex.
CTA: Remember to include a call to action in your video, outlining what you want viewers to do next. When you don’t advise your audience what to do next, even the best videos can fail to achieve the desired results.
Voiceover: A clear voiceover is crucial because it will make it easier for customers to grasp your goods. You can add an explanatory voice to your video with voiceover actors or tools.

Producing Engaging Content

For Instruction: Training videos are essential for employees and sales teams to comprehend better and explain the product. Additionally, the groups or employees can see these videos at their convenience. These videos can also be customized to enhance their value as educational and entertaining tools.
For Clients: The main goals of any B2B SaaS marketing strategies are to recruit, engage, convert, and retain customers. The challenge of achieving these goals through digital means is enormous.
Additionally, customers like information consumption that is simple and interesting. Videos may be the best option because they are practical for both the brand and the audience. Additionally, they make the intention clear and maintain the audience’s interest for longer.

For the Product: The ideal illustration of why SaaS needs B2B video marketing strategy, is in the promotion and marketing of products. Product videos can be useful for showcasing the most crucial features, disseminating product updates, or producing instructional videos for specific products.

These videos can be used on social media, and digital video marketing agencies can help you advertise these videos further to increase engagement and CTR. Additionally, these can be used to instruct consumers during product onboarding and email campaigns.

For the Case Studies and Customer Reviews: The most engaging and reliable technique to develop brand social proof and showcase client happiness is video case studies and customer testimonials. Short video testimonials can be incorporated into landing pages, blogs, and emails to create social proof and increase engagement.
Long case study videos can also aid in a clearer description of your product’s effects on consumers’ lives and businesses. Additionally, a video displays a real person discussing their actual experience, which is more open and reliable than text.

Distributing Content Strategically

There are numerous ways to get your video material in front of viewers. The majority of them are freely available, shared, and easily accessible.

Basic SaaS Video Production

Creating excellent videos for your SaaS doesn’t require fancy equipment – even a phone or webcam will do. You can engage customers directly through a Facebook video, incorporating a call to action. Alternatively, film something and quickly upload it to platforms like SlideShare or YouTube, ensuring a compelling and unique presentation.

When using YouTube, strive for a distinctive video that is both captivating and subtly persuasive. The goal for your sales video is not necessarily a high view count but rather to leave a lasting impression that motivates viewers to sign up.

Which Type of Videos Work Best For SaaS Marketing

Essential Tools 

To improve, host, and market your videos to your audience, you can use various platforms and tools. You can use these tools to offer one-stop shopping for your video needs.

You can screen record videos, edit videos, host videos, examine video analytics, and customize videos for various audiences, campaigns, and goals using tools like StoryXpress, Wistia, etc. These tools offer all-in-one B2B video marketing  and hosting solutions.


The SaaS sector is evolving, and the year 2023 looks to be an important turning point with an increasing emphasis on native advertising, video marketing for SaaS companies, unbundling techniques, aspirational selling, and feature marketing, bringing unparalleled profitability.
The customer journey will be improved by integrating AI/ML, enhancing brand experiences, adopting a customer-centric mentality, and using usage-based pricing. B2B SaaS marketing channels highlight the significance of comprehending and convincing people in this complex yet interesting environment, reiterating that sales and marketing are fundamentally about connecting with people.

The motivational speaker and self-development author Brian Tracy once said: “Approach each customer to assist them in overcoming challenges or attaining their goals, rather than merely selling a product or service.” We’ll end by echoing his words. Indeed, wise counsel for achievement.

Frequently Asked Questions

A powerful SaaS explainer video should be brief and entertaining while highlighting the benefits and value of the service. It must address the target audience’s pain points and convey the call to action.

According to the Video Content Marketing Agency, LinkedIn frequently ranks as the best-performing distribution channel for B2B marketing SaaS companies. Facebook often works better for B2C SaaS. However, Facebook or LinkedIn are far from your sole organic distribution options.

Software as a service, (SaaS) marketing is all about creating awareness and assisting in selling products or services virtually. For the growth of a product-driven company, marketing for SaaS is essential because B2B SaaS marketing strategy aids in introducing a product to the market, positioning a product, and aids in raising awareness of a SaaS company.

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