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SEO Analytics: Turn Data Into Your Competitive Advantage!

Translate your customers’ behavior into actionable insights with the help of SEO analytics and reporting services from Abubble!

SEO Analytics & Reporting

Set-Up Success Oriented Strategies With SEO Reporting & Analytics Services

The ever-changing search engine landscape is driven by extensive data analysis and reporting allowing businesses to find out who their customers are and where they can find them. Your SEO strategy is only as good as the numbers it generates, and to make the most of your SEO campaign; you need to keep track of these numbers. Abubble provides you with extensive SEO analytics and reporting services enabling you to bring to your customers what they want.

Data Drives SEO, And Here's How We Manage Data!

A data-driven SEO strategy is what ensures the success of your website. However, data is a delicate entity that is next to useless in its unstructured form, but Abubble can help you with that! With expert analysts and creative researchers, we shape unstructured data and turn it into actionable information that will provide you with the insights you require to understand what your customers are searching for, how you can provide them with it, and what they would bring to your business

Here's How We Do It

data-driven SEO Reporting
Tag Management & Analytics Setup

Setting up google analytics with the help of tag manager to ensure that you can keep an eye on all the KPIs.

Tag Management & Analytics Setup
Custom Analysis & Data Collection

The data generated through your tag manager and analytics is then converted into manageable packages which are further processed through custom analysis to provide results for traditional metrics essential for business performance and your personalised performance measuring metrics.

Custom Analysis & Data Collection
Advanced Segmentation

Segment your customers on a granular level with advanced segmentation techniques and deliver targeted information to customers, ensuring relationship.

Advanced Segmentation
Strategy Recommendation

After an analysis of your SEO, providing you with personalised SEO strategies tailored to your business specifications and by taking notes of your business position.

Strategy Recommendation
Solution Assessment

We provide ongoing monitoring of SEO strategies and ensure that they are working as required through ironing out all the kinks during optimisation.

Solution Assessment
data-driven SEO Reporting

Setting up google analytics with the help of tag manager to ensure that you can keep an eye on all the KPIs.

Tag Management & Analytics Setup

The Need For Reporting In SEO Can't Be Ignored, Here's Why!

Content Personalisation
Create personalised content to form trust-driven relationships.
ROI Optimisation
With knowledge of what converts, focus on ROI generating assets.
Set Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time bound KPIs.
CTA SEO Reporting(mobile)

Gain Robust, Data-Driven Insights With Abubble

Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics is a powerful tool that provides you with all the information you need to learn about your customers’ behaviour and trends. Still, it requires an expert to collect the data provided by the tool and convert them into digestible insights that can produce results. Additionally, unlike other agencies boasting holistic solutions, Abubble delivers comprehensive services with ongoing monitoring and reporting by utilising Google Search Console that allows us to maintain and troubleshoot your website’s SEO performance and optimise its organic online presence.

Google Search Console

You can’t consider your website optimised until Google Search Console gives you the green light. Formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, is the single most powerful performance management tool kit, and is the only direct channel Google uses to make you aware of any manual actions taken against your website along with suggestions on how to make improvements that will avoid future problems.

Google data studioGoogle Data Studio is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to data reporting as it allows you to build interactive reports and dashboards, giving you an eagle’s eye view of all your KPIs. Google Data Studio helps compile data collected from Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Additionally, it is flexible enough to incorporate premium 3rd party connectors such as BigQuery, MySQL, AdWords, and Semrush.

BMS Integeration with SEO Analytics

Business Management Systems (BMS) are an integral part of your enterprise as they let you control the entire flow of information throughout your business from a single point. However, it requires the expertise of a professional to incorporate all of the SEO tools provided with the BMS of your choosing. Abubble has experience working with some of the biggest names for BMS, such as Netsuite, Adobe Analytics, Microsoft Dynamics, and Acumatica.

Content Consumption Report

Content consumption insight refers to analysing your customers’ behaviours and their interaction with the content on your website. Abubble has employed industry-leading content analysts who boast unique skill sets and expertise that allow them to effectively identify who consumes what kind of content, and what are their motives behind this consumption. This will enable you to increase the effectiveness of such content by providing you with strategies, recommendations, and plans of action that could lead to immensely improved ROI.

ROI Analysis

ROI Analysis is one of the most important parts of SEO analytics. It provides you with complete control over your SEO campaign and strategy by providing you with insights about which campaign or strategy is proving to be beneficial for your business and which one is an idle investment. Abubble wants you to get back your entire money’s worth. This is why we provide you with ROI specialists who can critically analyse your ROIs and determine which campaigns need to be reworked or discontinued and which ones you need to invest more resources in.

Enhanced E-Commerce Setup And Tracking

enhanced ecommerce

Enhanced E-Commerce is one of Google Analytics’ finest reporting features as it provides clients with reports, dimensions, and metrics required to get a holistic view of your entire eCommerce setup. However, it is a little complicated to set up! But Abubble got your back! With complete enhanced eCommerce services including product tracking to see which product of yours is the highest performing product, cart tracking to see what are customer bounce rates when they are at the shopping cart and how to improve it, and if there are any customers that bounce off right before the checkout and how can we retarget them!

Abubble: Classifying Your Unstructured Business Data

When performing analytics, collecting data is the easy part, and when it comes to the time to derive the correct meaning from the data, things get a little complicated. To do this, you would require a team of professional marketers and expert analysts who can understand your set KPIs and drive your marketing efforts, based on data collected, in the direction that would benefit your business the most. This is where Abubble comes in! We provide you with a team of experts that help you extract actionable insights from the sea of data regarding your consumers’ behaviour, their interaction with your websites, and the motivations behind their interactions.

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An SEO report gives you an overview of how your website is performing in terms of search engines. It provides you with a detailed description of what you have done that has impacted your website, what you need to improve, and why your website is performing better or worse than your competitors.

Reporting is an essential part of your SEO campaigns as it provides you with critical information regarding the different resources you have applied in your campaign. This allows you to focus on more ROI optimised resources and techniques and pull out investments from idle aspects of your strategies.

Abubble conducts a comprehensive analysis of your website performance and SEO strategies to determine what can become your competitive advantage and where you need to improve. We generate detailed reports that help us provide you with recommendations regarding the development of your SEO strategies. We also employ expert analysts and marketers to design and implement effective SEO techniques personalised to your business to ensure that it performs to the best of its ability.

Abubble provides you with complete 360 solutions when it comes to analytics. From collecting user behaviour data to the compilation of data into manageable portions, from running analysis on the collected data and turning it into actionable insights to designing insights-driven marketing strategies, Abubble does it all!

If you want to get a look at the performance of your website Abubble can provide you with a free site SEO audit that can provide you with a clearer picture of your website performance. You can get your free site SEO audit here!

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