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How you can use Pinterest to Amplify your Search Results & ROI

How you can use Pinterest to Amplify your Search Results & ROI
You can achieve better rankings and increase your search rankings by including Pinterest in your off-page search engine optimisation strategy. It is important, if you are a business looking for growth, to utilise Pinterest to amplify your search results and ROI as Pinterest boards and pins are extremely valuable assets when it comes down to PageRank build-up, clickthrough rates, SERP traffic volume, and even more. If you have yet to begin using Pinterest as part of your off-page SEO strategy, there’s no time better than now.
Think of Pinterest as a portal where people can check out your services via the board you have optimised. Pinterest is growing, so there will be plenty of opportunities soon to begin utilising Pinterest to amplify your ranking in search results ultimately increasing ROI.
So, here is how to use Pinterest to amplify your search results and ROI.

Create a Pinterest Business Account

When marketing on Pinterest, the first thing you need to do is set up your business account. Your Profile forms the foundation for the rest of your marketing, so get it right from the beginning. Ensure that you have established a business account, this will give you access to business analytics with other necessary tools for advertising and help you optimise your interest marketing strategy.

Optimise Your Business Profile on Pinterest to Amplify Your Search Results and ROI

To achieve the goal of amplifying your search results and ROI on Pinterest, you must optimise your business profile. The best way to get people to notice you is to make sure that you have set up your business profile name, username, and profile description.

Profile Name

Select a unique name that will make your profile stand out and make sure your profile name is SEO-friendly. Especially if you are trying to start up a business, it’s important that your chosen business name is easy to remember and looks good as a title.
If you are already familiar with the brand name you want to use, then you can use that as your profile name. If not, it’s good to come up with something that reflects the main theme of your business.


A username is much more significant for SEO because your username appears in your profile URL, especially if you have a branded profile name. A username must be three to thirty characters long and can contain letters, digits, and underscores. Your username is what others will use to reach you and as such, it’s of utmost importance to choose wisely; after all, it is the deciding factor when it comes to credibility and SEO.

Profile Description

You must have a compelling profile description. It should include your main keywords and it should be informative. Make sure that the content you create is descriptive and relevant. Use only 100 to 200 characters for your description. You may also put a public email address and a different location in the Profile area for your audience to reach you.

Link Your Website to Pinterest to Amplify Your Search results and ROI

When you connect your website to Pinterest, viewers will be able to visit it directly from your profile as it is one of the important steps to optimize your SEO activities for your business. However, if you forgot to include your website when you created your account, you may easily do it later by going to Settings > Edit profile board.
Pinterest dimensions

Add a Pinterest Tag

Install a Pinterest conversion tracking tag on your website before any plan for advertisements to measure conversions sent by Pinterest.
On the Conversions page in your Pinterest Ads dashboard, click the campaign you want to select and use the “Edit Settings” button to access the conversion tracking tag.

Add a Save Button

Pinterest is a great social media tool that allows people to share, discover, and follow what other people pin on their Pinterest boards, Add a Save button to your website so visitors can save product pics straight to their Pinterest boards. with the Pinterest widget builder can be easily created. Save buttons come in several types, with some requiring more coding than others.

Verify Your Website

Pinning comes with a ton of benefits that you may enjoy getting to know such as:
To verify your website simply follow the given instructions:
Go to Settings > Claim in your Pinterest admin and click the Claim option. You can claim a website by adding an HTML tag, uploading an HTML file, or adding a TXT record.

Utilise Keywords Everywhere on Pinterest to Amplify Your Search Results and ROI

Pinterest is considered the visual search engine that makes it easy to find out what’s trending in your industry.
When you use popular keywords like “Shopping“, it makes it much easier to appear in consumer searches. Although many users find Pinterest by searching on Google, other consumers may not know how to find you – That’s where keywords help out.
For Example, if your profile is about interior design and decorating, consider using words like “homes“, “furniture“, “decorating tips” and those related to furniture stores or other related businesses.
Use this data to optimise your profile descriptions on Pinterest, your username, title of your profile, or make direct links to these keywords in the image description tags.

Create Pinterest Boards Strategically on Pinterest to Amplify Your Search Results and ROI

When it comes to increasing your chances of Pinterest boards showing up in results, there are many factors you’ll need to consider.
For example, being intentional with your board’s naming and creation is important as being conscientious when adding content that showcases the products or services you offer. Remember, use keywords that pinners might search for, keep names short and try to steer clear of fancy words.

Write Good Descriptions

Be sure to include detailed descriptions with your Pin’s text and must include keywords, so Pinterest can properly categorize and sort your content as it appears on searches. Keep in mind that the texts must entice readers and give them all the necessary information they need to know about what you’re selling.
good description

Boost Engagement

The more you give to your audience, the more they will return and interact with you. Pinterest is a social platform, so much depends on how well you engage with users. While there’s no “silver bullet” for boosting engagement, there are a few key practices that can help you.

Create Original and Fresh Content That Entices To Click Through

Pinterest users favour content that has been pinned from the source, which helps earn trust. Pinterest users have a proclivity for the original pins over repins.

Update Old Pins

If a pin has been featured for the first time on Pinterest, it will likely continue to grow in popularity over time. Take some of your old pins that have already been featured on Pinterest and turn them into original and new posts by featuring all-new images/products on the same topic.

Use Vertical Images and Follow the Guidelines for Image Size

When it comes to using Pinterest for marketing, one of the most important things you have to keep in mind is that 82% are mobile users. As there are many types of devices available for use, you must make sure your images fit properly for all of your followers. Pinterest has an optimal size for vertical images at 1000 x 1500 or 2:3.
Pinterest Banner Size Dimensions

Publish Video Pins

Pinners love watching videos, just like any other social media. Video Pins are being viewed least in Food and Beverage and E-commerce categories, but most in Beauty and Makeup, DIY, Entertainment, and Home Decoration.
Video Pins are great for your marketing strategy and the most important thing you should know before making video content is that video pins are at the top of mobile app searches.

Integrate Rich Pins

Rich pins are a Pinterest feature that gives the opportunity to add more details about the pins themselves. In other words, it makes pinning better for both audience and companies alike as rich pins help get their products or services in front of an audience looking to get more information on, and purchase.
Rich pins are only for businesses using validated links. However, you can have rich pins added to your website after confirming the appropriate code is in place. When you want to create a Pinterest account that performs well in search rankings, rich pins are the optimal solution. Also, removing the clutter on your website will improve your performance.
This gives users clear instructions when it comes down to what’s going on and prevents them from leaving the site too soon. Suppose you update any information on your website. In that case, rich pins will be directly updated, improving brand activeness and increasing traffic to your website.
Pinterest has three types of rich pins:

Create Infographics

Infographics are known as engaging forms of content. Infographics hold a reader’s attention and even inspire curiosity in them. It is recommended that you add frequent infographics to your account to keep it from being too monotonous.
It does not mean you must always create infographics, but adding them occasionally will help keep your audience coming back for more.

Use Tailwind Tribes on Pinterest to Amplify Your Search Results and ROI

Tailwind Tribes is a feature that allows you to target niche audiences and create group boards on Pinterest. In essence, Tailwind Tribes function similarly to Group Boards.
Still, they are a lot more specialized and usually get much better engagement. Similar to group boards on Pinterest, participating in Tailwind Tribes requires active participation by the Tribe manager.
To get the most out of your tribes, you have to publish your high-quality pins and regularly re-share other pins from other tribe members onto your boards.

Look for Group Boards

Group boards are a great way to access a whole new audience. Take time out of your day every once in a while, to see which group boards have your target audience. And remember, the larger the group board, the greater the chance of happening upon a new insight that proves crucial to furthering your efforts.

Pin Frequently and Consistently

To keep the activity on your Pinterest updated, you must make sure you’re pinning consistently. However, it’s important to be strategic about this as well. On average, pin between 10-20 pins during a day, with your initial quota being 15. Then from that point on, gradually increase this count but make sure you’re alternating your pins by posting them throughout the day instead of all at once.

Use Hashtags

If you want your Pin to trend on Pinterest, follow a few key rules. To begin with, you should always write a full description for the Pin that includes some keywords and hashtags related to your niche. Then longtail your pin’s description by breaking it up into several sections instead of one big blob of text. Also, be sure to include at least 12 to 15 hashtags in the description.

Connect Pinterest With Your Other Social Media Platforms

It’s best to connect your Pinterest with other social accounts so that more people who like what you post across the other networks will see it when they visit Pinterest as well. Keeping everything connected like this helps get more eyes on your content, and it makes sure that none of your followers feels like they’re missing out.
Connect Pinterest With Your Other Social Media Platforms

Run Pinterest Ads

If you’re looking to get the word out about your new shop and attract some customers, it makes sense to try a few different ad formats and campaign types on Pinterest. Following are the Pinterest ads that most small businesses use while using Pinterest to build their brands.

Idea Pins

A Pinterest idea pin is a short video or series of up to twenty graphics designed to draw Pinners in with exciting, educational content. It is an alternative to text-heavy product pages.
Idea pins are often used with visual catalogues or shoppable checkouts that drive Pinners straight from the Pin into buying. It is also known as story pins.

Product Pins

Product Pins let users virtually “try on” your product and see the result before purchasing. It is especially powerful for beauty or accessories brands. It allows users to see how their looks will change with a specific product using their phone’s camera.

Collection Ads

A Collection ad comprises one featured video or image with three supporting images and can show an additional 24 pictures when a user clicks on the link.

Carousel Ads

The carousel ad allows the user to swipe through images for more detail on the product. By including 2 to 5 images, visitors have the opportunity to see lots of detail about what your item has to offer. It will work great for businesses that want to showcase their products or services and get seen by many potential customers.

Promoted Pins

These Pins are simple to promote your business on Pinterest because you’re essentially promoting an organic Pin, which means users will see a small “promoted by” label after interacting with it.
When a user interacts with your Pin, they can click directly through without going to a new web page, meaning the link you input for that ad will direct them straight to where you want them to go.

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads work similarly to collection Pins as they’re pulled from your product catalogue. The difference between them is that the shopping ads show products in bulk. In contrast, the collection ads display one image or video.

Leverage Pinterest Analytics to Support Strategic Decision Making

Companies on Pinterest have several metrics to track your progress and make any necessary adjustments. Let’s look at the various metrics that you can use to gauge your performance.
Pinterest Analytics


Impressions on Pinterest measure how many times users have seen your pins. If a user sees a pin in the feed, that counts as one impression.
Suppose a user hovers over a pin and sees another section of the page (like the profile or account information, for example) that counts as two impressions.
Make sure you’re strategic about your content – consider what types of top pins impress users enough to want them to see more like them.


Engagements are the total number of likes, comments, and other engagements on your content, like impressions. It is important to pay attention to highly engaged posts and see what types of content they succeed in.
For example, perhaps your top-engaged piece is a product shot that tells a story in just one image.

Pin Click Rate

It’s one of the easiest ways to tell if your Pinterest profile succeeds. Pin click rate is the ratio of total pins that you’ve pinned on your profile to the number of times at least one of your pins ended up earning a single click per day.

Pin Saving Rate

Your saving rate for pins is the ratio of your pins to saved pins. Check for pins that you’ve Pinned and think about updating them or adding descriptions that include keywords.

Outbound Click Rate

It’s the percentage of the total number of your pins to pins that earned outbound clicks.

Monthly and Total Audiences

The monthly audience refers to the number of users who have interacted and engaged with your pins in the course of one month, and the total audience refers to the number of users who have interacted and engaged with your pins from the beginning. The sudden drop or spikes should prompt you to be aware of the causes behind them.

Monthly and Total Engaged Audiences

The number of users engaged with your pins and converted in the course of one month and the number of users engaged with your recent pins and converted from the beginning. This is about viewers and engaged users only, so it does not include repeat visitors.

No. of Top Pins and Top Boards

These are the best-performing pins of the past month, filtered through average likes per Pin, most pinned-to boards, and most clicked-through boards. Keep an eye on this graph for hints for improving the search and ROI of your Pinterest.

Embrace The New Changes on Pinterest to Amplify Your Search Results and ROI

Pinterest is constantly making updates to its platform, so it’s important that you check its homepage frequently.
The most recent modifications are that you can no longer see who has repinned your pins; a new tab called ‘Following’ allows you to view who you’re following (boards and accounts). They are presented in reverse chronological order so that it’s easier to find out what sort of content people like to share themself.
Another change includes the addition of a user’s profile which along with the header helps strengthen your overall Pinterest strategy.


It’s important to understand that Pinterest is a visual platform. Given the scope of what people are using Pinterest for, you need to ensure your visuals are top quality, impeccably neat, and highly impressive. Further, 80% of Pinterest users use mobile devices – which means vertical images. You want to make sure that your media is accessible to the eyes by making imagery as simple as possible. Pinterest marketing comes with a significant emotional element.
It is recommended for customers who are ready to do some storytelling. It would be best to create a board on Pinterest to build a brand image that will set the foundation for the rest of your branding efforts on social media. The type of content you share on Pinterest is the determining factor in securing sales. Brands see a spike in sales compared to their competitors because they focus on supplying consumers with content that isn’t just informative and emotional.


Pinterest is a social media tool that allows users to organize and share photos with others. Its layout is very different from Instagram; however, the two platforms have achieved social media marketing behemoth status in recent years. One feature that distinguishes Pinterest from Instagram is that the former houses the ability to add links and enable visual and written content to share with your audience. This feature is powerful, and it allows you to market our brand’s products because when customers click on the product links, they are returned directly to your website, where they can then make purchases online.
You can use Pinterest to brag about your marketing efforts using your blog and social media content. For example, you could pin a photo or a video to an appropriate board, along with an embedded link to your post discussing the same image or video, whether that be a how-to tutorial, discussion of the events depicted, or anything else relevant. This promotes your content and drives traffic directly to your website.
Pinterest is an effective channel that businesses can utilise for expanding their online presence. It is a lot more effective than other social media channels in redirecting traffic to the website. Not only does it allow businesses to create high-quality images, but also helps in building brand awareness and reaching out to new prospects with particular messages being passed on virally. By promoting products or services on Pinterest, brands are able to get more natural SEO links (backlinks) and traffic to their websites, thus optimising their ROI (Return On Investment).
When it comes to growing your service business’ online presence via Pinterest marketing, be aware that your Return on Investment may not be as dramatic as other types of businesses may experience. While you won’t make direct sales in the form of making a sale like a digital product-based business would, you will get leads when uploading text and images, so they’ll inspire others to click on them.
Pinterest assists in reducing the number of steps needed from the discovery stage to the conversion phase, which makes it easier for customers to go straight into the action. People who use Pinterest have a higher chance of turning to leads or even sales quicker than those from other social media sources. Discover emerging trends. Enhance the authority of your brand. Drive traffic to websites. Check your statistics. Promoted and ran ads as well as Pins.
Pinterest is among the most flexible, cost-effective, and powerful marketing tools to market your company when you’re looking to generate more leads, increase customers to your website, and build brand awareness. Additionally, Pinterest users are most likely to purchase all other social media users.
If you go to Pinterest, you will only see stunning images with a short description. These are usually original and stunning images that are eager to catch your interest. This is among the main reasons behind its success. Its image is built on images, in contrast to other social networks that are content-based.

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