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Get More Customers for Your Startup

Get More Customers for Your Startup

What’s the most complicated aspect of starting and growing an enterprise? For many start-ups, the answer is getting more customers. Businesses need to find new customers to be successful. It’s never been simpler for companies to obtain new leads, especially when there are so many ways to utilise technologies to benefit their business.

Businesses have recognised that while the internet has forever affected how their business is conducted, certain aspects maintain consistency in making new connections and ensuring client retention. Luckily, some top professionals realised they had to combine traditional marketing and customer acquisition strategy with today’s advanced methods to retain customers and bring in new leads successfully.

The most effective way to get more customers is to offer superior services and quality products before focusing on increasing the revenue and profits since acquiring new customers could be expensive.

In this article, we look at how to get more customers and make sure they stick around long enough for you to reap all their benefits for your business is concerned.

1. Advertise Locally

Locally, people tend to be more likely to support businesses in their area. If you want to offer your services locally, you could succeed by tapping into the local market.

You can advertise in the newspaper or on local television, or you could put up posters around the town and distribute brochures.

Here are some online marketing strategies that we found exceptionally compelling: You could advertise in a local Facebook group or use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads on Google, Facebook, or Yahoo.

Many communities hold annual events that are perfect opportunities to connect with your local audiences. Community advertising is a great tool to use in your arsenal. It advances you while supporting other business owners in the same position as yourself – it’s a win-win scenario.

It might be worth advertising locally, especially since the public now has an increasing interest in supporting businesses in their hometowns rather than the larger chains and brands.

2. Develop Your Competitive Advantage

A competitive advantage is quite tricky to achieve, but it pays off. It’s a situation where a company consistently outperforms its competitors based on its assets, abilities, and unique features. 

To make your company stand out from the crowd and increase customer loyalty, you must have compelling value propositions to help you draw the attention of your prospective buyers and convince them that your solution is the right one.

Brand reputation

Customer service makes or breaks a brand, so it’s genuinely essential to provide the best experience possible. With that said, a great customer experience can help encourage consumers to stick with your brand even when there are more alluring competitors on the market who might offer better features.

Such advantages need to be consistently revisited, updated, and maintained to have any long-lasting effect on customer loyalty to ensure that you remain competitive and keep implementing the customer acquisition strategy in today’s fast-paced business world.

Unique Products

A unique product or service can have its advantages, but this does not mean that it’s the be-all and end-all. Being first to market is only one of many important factors in making something successful. Look at all the industry’s famous brands and see how long they stuck around before others got opportunities in the industry.

It’s not enough to rely on your competitors to make mistakes so you can stay ahead; the idea is to be consistent with new releases while also improving the quality of your original offering wherever possible.

Pricing power

A company that can raise its prices without disrupting its market share can now say they have pricing power, which can be a huge advantage for the company. To achieve that power, you as a start-up need to make careful decisions. 

It is also important not to let yourself get too comfortable and have people who still believe in maintaining brand integrity by offering incentives that don’t disrupt the company’s bottom line; this way, growing your customer base will remain profitable for years with minimal additional overhead.

Strong cash flows

Companies with a strong cash flow can do things that other companies aren’t even able to. Companies fueled with much cash tend to be more effective in managing the unexpected chaos like competitors trying and poaching their market share or a new product or service item ending up costing way more than expected.

This is one of the biggest reasons companies with a good relationship with banks or institutional investors want their accounts to stay healthy to achieve a competitive advantage.

3. Sell The Solution, Not The Product/Service

To convince customers that your product is the best way to satisfy their needs, you must first understand your customers. Knowing what they want and finding the gap will enable you to target how your business can help fill their needs.

Think like your customers: why would you choose a certain company to buy their product? What aspects made you feel like they were the right business for you? This is how consumers think, so learn how to be an effective marketer by acknowledging people’s natural tendencies to get your first customers.

Take lessons from your own experience when purchasing a service or product. Look at your customers’ main concerns and explain how the product you offer could help them.

If you start offering a solution to problems faced by people, you stand out from the other companies in your field who claim to be the top. You must show that you are aware of the customer’s problems and needs and take their best interests to heart.

4. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone to Bring Something New to The Table

Highlight ideas and strategies that stand out among others. Write notes in the margins, noting how you’re able to solve issues by offering customers more than they are receiving.

Think outside the box and connect the dots between what you have to offer and what can fulfil your audience’s desires with your services.

It’s exciting to get new customers on board but don’t stop looking through the scope of fresh opinions of those already familiar with your work.

5. Offer Discounts & Incentives

Introductory offers give curious customers a low-risk way to try a product or service. Note which customers redeem the special offer and include them in your marketing database with their contact details.

You can then attract them with a marketing message, for example. Some companies offer online services like trial periods before asking for payment after 14 days of starting the trial period.

The same principle can be used when trying marketing offers – especially those that accommodate small business owners who don’t wish to commit too much daily throughout this high-pressure start-up phase of their endeavours.

6. Host an Industry Event/Gathering

Hosting an event can be daunting and overwhelming for a start-up, but hosting an event in the early stages can give your business the exposure that it needs. Think about what you want to achieve from the event. You need to advertise the event to attract people and promote how your company introductory offers to give curious customers a low-risk way to try a product or service. Note which customers redeem the special offer and include them in your marketing database with their contact details.

You can then attract them with a marketing message, for example. Some companies offer online services like trial periods before asking for payment after 14 days of starting the trial period.

The same principle can be used when trying marketing offers – especially those that accommodate small business owners who don’t wish to commit too much daily throughout this high-pressure start-up phase of their endeavours.n add value for them.

You specialise in your field; why not get involved locally to help others learn and grow and host an event or gathering. In this way, you’re creating more opportunities to lead your business as a go-to leader and help you to bring in new customers.

7. Expand Your Network

One way to find new customers is to spread the word about your products and services. The more people hear about what you have, the more people you have attracted to becoming new customers.

However, here’s a caveat: it’s not always the owner and managers who are out there promoting your brand, but also team members who work for your business too. As a business leader, allow them to talk to potential clients. 

Expand your network by using this idea of meeting new people, going to gatherings, attending workshops, and promoting your start-up.

8. Improve Customer Experience & Relationship

Competition is pretty tough out there, as many large companies having such a prominent presence in the market makes the competition even tougher for the small business owner trying to make ends meet somehow.

It’s important to consider investing time and budget in branding. However, the customer experience is vital because your loyal customers can be quite the salesperson for your business.

A happy customer will naturally spread positive words about your business and can be vital for external marketing. Your customers might decide to approach all of their networks the way they came to you when you first interacted with them.

Following are the ways to improve customer experience and relationships to get more customers:

Email Marketing

You can take a complete journey through the purchasing process and determine what customers value in your products and services. Starting with registration through repeat purchases. It’s important to keep an eye on how well you are doing so that you can make necessary adjustments if needed.

Utilising email can help your business create the perfect customer experience and give you a chance to piece together their journey with your brand.

Acutely aware of how important it is to know how people feel about your products, there’s no better way to take stock of said sentiment than by sending out surveys or even simply adding a section for comments or suggestions when it comes time for them to check out. At this point, customers truly feel heard about whatever they would like you to know.


Newsletters are becoming more and more popular in the digital age. Just like any website or app you use, newsletters have so many benefits; they’re educational, they have the potential to get new customers interested in your business, and they create a sense of urgency.

Make sure that your newsletters stand out from others by presenting something unique and grabbing people’s attention. 

Follow up on Feedback

The best way to bring in new customers for a lifetime is to give an amazing first impression that also leaves them wanting more. How do you create these memorable first impressions? “Follow up.”

You can find some of the most useful feedback in follow-up questions after-sales follow-up and regular customer follow-ups.

We believe that one should be open to all feedback forms as inspiration can sometimes strike you anywhere.

Create polls and surveys.

Contacting customers via email to request testimonials and reviews.

Allowing reviews on your site.

Inquiring about product and service feedback using pop-ups.

 Look for google reviews (if registered with “my business”).

Interact with customers in-person.


Webinars provide many opportunities for presenters and marketers alike. Developing a digital communication strategy is incredibly important to keep things up-to-date. Digital communication, including webinars, is essential for any modern business marketing strategy.

With webinars, presenters can interact with customers personally and build intimate relationships with them through visual communication, allowing the presenter to impact their audience immediately, whether it be various products or services commonly sold through online marketing platforms.

Webinar presentations allow presenters to connect with customers much more fluently and concisely than can be achieved by any other online medium.


Consider taking a look at your business practices and make sure they reflect a customer-oriented approach. If you can provide customers with what they need when they want it, they’ll be more likely to recognise that and remain loyal.

Customer satisfaction is paramount for any business enterprise, especially for a start-up. Imagine getting clients on board within a few hours of initial communication with you, so make your availability for your customers and provide them solutions as quickly as possible.

9. Invest in Digital Marketing

When finding new customers, one of the best ways to do so is by having a proper understanding (and use) of multiple digital marketing and customer acquisition strategies. The right actions increase engagement, and generate conversions, resulting in sales and attracting more customers. Some of these strategies are not expensive; the digital marketing strategies will help you win more customers in just a short amount of time. Though there are many types of digital marketing strategies you could rely on to promote a start-up business, using them correctly will ensure that you will get more customers for your start-up.

The impact of digital marketing on performance is proven. Every business needs to market, so why not make this one of your key investments for getting more customers?

Take action with a proven solution and get started today with Abubble

Web development

Building a well-designed and highly functional business website is the first step to ensuring your customers can easily find you online when searching for what you have to offer.

A business website does more than market your brand; it provides people with adequate information about what you have to offer.

A great user experience and an attractive design are the foundations of a successful business website. But if you want to capture those valuable leads and boost your website engagement truly, then be sure to hire Abubble Who is an expert at optimising websites according to Google’s search engine standards.

Search Engine Optimisation

E-commerce is competitive these days, but with some advanced SEO techniques, you could be the one who will make it to the top of your game. However, many methods can boost your sales and help you outgrow the competition.

But what if this is too much to handle? Ask Abubble, an SEO expert, for help because we will be glad to provide you with plenty of advice on tweaking a few things here and adding new elements there so that your site gets a better ranking on Google.

Remember that no matter what stunning changes you may bring about to your website, don’t let go of the fundamentals of search engine optimisation.

Content Marketing

Developing a content marketing strategy is like writing a book. A book has many chapters and is divided up into small sections so that the reader can easily understand it, find what they’re looking for, and come back to reread certain parts if necessary.

Similarly, you should organise digital content into digestible chunks of information with descriptive and enticing titles for readers who want to keep coming back for more in the future.

Produce high-quality posts that help educate your target audience about your products or services so that when they feel like they need a product/service, you would already have strategically placed yourself as an authority in their mind by being a trusted source.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a powerful tool. It allows you to connect with new customers and show that your business is social by addressing customer needs more quickly.

As you connect with new prospects, it also shows these leads how invested you are in the relationship, which can help to convert them into customers via an online community where they feel connected to their peers through a shared goal or interest.

Suppose you haven’t put much effort into building up an extensive social media following. In that case, you’ll likely need to spend some cash on advertising. Sometimes all it takes to boost viewers and followers are getting the word out there.

When it comes to making big splashes online, it is highly recommended that you promote only free offers or discounts.

You may make some sales when promoting a paid offer. Still, your most successful bet is to entice new subscribers or followers to ensure long-term success, which means more potential sales down the line.

10. Explore Online Reviews & Rating Sites to Your Advantage

Before doing business with any company, customers frequently turn to user reviews, ratings, and opinions from other customers. Therefore, it is essential that you maintain a good reputation and have a good presence on relevant review sites.

You should respond promptly to all feedback left by the reviewers to create the most positive buzz possible around your brand or product and increase the likelihood of new customers trying out your product or services.

Use positive reviews available on the review sites like Yelp, foursquare, and others, and link to them from your website where possible. Other users are more likely to visit and possibly try out your products or services if they see others recommending you.

11. Use Your Current Employees to Advocate for Your Business by Incentivising Them

Encouraging employees to share and promote your brand will give you an advantage in attracting more customers to your new business.

Recent trends towards branding and marketing by leveraging social media have opened opportunities to increase the participation of employees to be an integral part of the company.

Employee advocacy programs encourage the company’s most trusted advocates (employees) to share their personal stories on social media platforms, significantly increasing the brand’s visibility and attracting new customers.

Offer your employees a percentage of the profits when they succeed in generating qualified leads, which will help them be more enthusiastic and strive to find new customers for you.

12. Invest in User-Generated Campaigns

Running user-generated contests is one of the easiest ways to engage existing customers and attract new ones.

But what specific steps can a company take to run an effective user-generated campaign? Prize giveaways are the easiest way because everyone loves to win prizes.

As part of your contest, ask your current customers to show off their favourite images using your product on social media. Or share how they use it daily for any reason with your community.

Or you can get even more creative and have them submit their newest photos that include all further improvements made since their last purchase of your product as well.

13. Influencer Marketing

One of the best ways you can attract people to your company is through influencer marketing. Influencer marketing works in the same concept as word-of-mouth campaigning but on a much larger scale.

14. Create an Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate programs have proven to be a highly successful way of generating income and finding new customers.

You must know a person with as much passion for your brand as your own is only a bonus usually comes in hand when you have decided to set up such a program.

Affiliate programs can be of different sizes, so it is beneficial for businesses to pick the most suitable one for their framework. But never forget to think about how to reward affiliate partners; it doesn’t necessarily mean cash.

15. Ask For Referrals

One of the best ways to get new customers is to talk to existing ones. After all, they know who would benefit greatly from your products or services. However, one must also be mindful that this method can go a long way in forming beneficial relationships.

This kind of client praising comes naturally to some. So, it is essential to indulge yourself in finding new clients, such as getting involved in knowledge-sharing activities on social media or writing blog posts about relevant business topics.

Who knows? Word could spread quickly, and more people will be recommending your products or services shortly.

16. Engage in Charity Work For The Community

The best way to make your business stand out from hundreds of others is by giving back to society in some way or another that directly or indirectly promotes your start-up business.

Use social media marketing to get the word out about a positive online campaign that you are taking part in for charities and events. Engage your business in philanthropic activities to raise your brand awareness, which ultimately leads to more customers for your start-up business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most efficient way to attract more customers?

As a business owner, you’re probably aware that your customer base is the source of life for your business. The constant flow of new customers will allow you to expand your business and realise the vision of your business.
But there is no one-size-fits-all approach; instead, there are 16 efficient ways to get more customers, such as:
·         Use of advertisement
·         Develop your competitive advantage
·         Sell the solution, not the product/service
·         Get out of your comfort zone to bring something new to the table
·         Offer discounts and incentives
·         Host an industry event/gathering
·         Expand your network
·         Improve customer experience and relationship
·         Invest in digital marketing
·         Explore online reviews and rating sites to your advantage
·         Use your current employees to advocate for your business by incentivising them
·         Invest in user-generated campaigns
·         Leverage Influencer marketing
·         Create an affiliate marketing program
·         Ask for referrals
·         Engage in charity work for the community

How to use trends to get more customers?

When it comes to marketing, brands must evolve or face extinction. It’s useful for businesses to learn how people respond to new trends and take advantage of opportunities that arise in this regard.
Trendy products or services attract new customers. Still, online trends often lead consumers astray, and they quickly move on to something else, leaving companies flat.
So, perceiving what will become a trend can be highly lucrative relationships in the long term. So here is how to use trends to get more customers is by:
1.    Short videos because it is a rapid-paced method of content consumption and highlights the importance of a concise and straightforward message that invites customers to be involved.
2.    The art of storytelling is essential for customers who want to know if you fulfilled your promises with a method that has met their expectations and expectations.
3.    Personalisation will be an important factor in 2022. Design specific ads that cater to your target audience will result in more effective outcomes.
4.    With the advent of social media and chatbots, conversational marketing is increasing on a much more extensive scale and transforming the way companies interact with their customers.
5.    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has produced intuitive reports and automation of general marketing tasks, such as monitoring website traffic and improving SEO.

How to get more customers online?

You can get more customers online by doing the following steps:
1.    Enhance your website to make it attractive and easy to understand.
2.    Leverage some testimonials on your website to gain the trust of new customers.
3.    Invest in search engine optimisation (SEO)
4.    Make use of quality and easily readable content to better your customer’s experience.
5.    Maintain social media presence.
6.    Influence paid advertising on social media or search engines for more traffic and conversions.

How to get more customers using social media?

Here are a few tips to get more customers using social media:
1.    Informative and educational content.
2.    Conversate with your target audience on social media.
3.    Make your availability 24/7 on social media.
4.    Encourage social recommendations.
5.    Social media contests.
6.    Invest in social ads.
7.    Build your email list through free offers.
8.    Make real connections.
9.    Regularly or weekly post your brand’s message on social media.


Start-up businesses face many challenges. There is so much to do, design, market, and sell. This can be time-consuming and overwhelming for the owner.

That is why it is essential to take care of the small details and have a well-thought-out plan. The more customers you have, the more revenue you will make.

If you’re having trouble getting customers, it could be due to your approach. You must be able to promote your product or service to potential customers.

At times, implementing these strategies and techniques and obtaining new clients can seem like work. However, once you begin taking the proper steps in the right direction, there’s no limit to where you can take your business.

Speaking of taking steps towards a successful sales and marketing campaign, why not check out Abubble? Abubble is a digital marketing firm that aims to improve business sales by improving productivity at all marketing levels.

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