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Email Marketing Services

Why Do You Need An Email Marketing Agency?

Regardless of the telecommunication advances the world has seen in the past few years, nothing beats an email when it comes to providing technical information in a B2B, B2C, or D2C setting, and these trends will not be changing anytime soon. 81% of B2B marketers said that their preferred mode of content marketing was email newsletters, while more than 80% of people, engaged in a B2C setting, open a welcome email, exhibiting ten times more clicks than any other email. Email Marketing is also one of the best ROI generating tools as it brings about 4,200% ROI if done right.


Small Businesses Using Email Marketing


Annual Revenue Generated Through Emails (Euros)


Marketers Using It To Generate More Leads

Build Long-Lasting Relationships With Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to dominate the best marketing and brand development tools approved by the global business market. The prime reason being the personalisation of communication over a direct contact medium with your clients, increasing the chances of conversion manifold, yet, it is one of the most inexpensive modes of marketing currently available.

Build Long-Lasting Relationships With Email Marketing

How Do We Do It?

We understand the impact a rightfully generated email list can have on business growth, therefore, our data-driven strategies help you build profitable lists.

Email List Generation

Manage clients with scrutinised segmentation of mailing lists.


All of our services are regional CCPA, and GDPR compliant and we ensure that our actions stay on the moral side of things and provide value rather than inconvenience.

Following Compliance

Get your message delivered to target audiences through innovative, fully personalised, and automated Email Campaigns to get increased ROI!

Email Campaigning

For higher success rate, we use multiple optimization strategies by conducting multivariate and A/B testing for subject lines, designs, content, and CTAs.


We conduct regular email marketing audits to evaluate your strategies, processes and provide reports regarding attainment of your KPIs.

Analysis & Reporting

Expertly designed email marketing content targeting your prospect customers.

Email Designing

Stand out Email Marketing Services

Empower Your Business Strategy With Automated Email Marketing

Whether a startup or an established business, there is always room for improvement, and Abubble helps you enhance your business by incorporating state of the art, automated email marketing strategies improving your marketing ROIs and increasing your client engagement manifolds. Consult us now to know more!

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    What Abubble Has To Offer!

    Email CampaignsWith the help of our expert email marketers and strategists, we ensure that your email marketing campaign will be steps ahead of the curve! Abubble offers you Full-Service email marketing campaigns complete with email designing, personalisation, and auditing allowing you to get the most out of your existing clientele and making the process of taking on new clients easier.

    Backed by extensive research and based on data collected over a long period, we design bespoke email campaigns considering your business industry, target market, and target audience.

    Already using a CRM that you wish to incorporate in your email marketing campaigns, or are you looking for one to streamline your marketing efforts? If so, Abubble has your back as our expert email marketing specialists have years of experience working with some of the most well-acclaimed CRMs such as ActiveCampaign, Zoho, Nutshell, Mailchimp, and Copper.

    Our specialists can equip you with a flexible and user-friendly CRM that will enable your business to be a lot more agile, and transparent leading to better business performance.

    WireframingAn email is not just a piece of information you send to a customer and hope they convert. If wielded correctly, email proves to be a marketing tool capable of bringing your business to new heights. But to ensure that your emails are up to that standard, they need to be designed accordingly.

    When creating your emails, Abubble takes note of everything
    from the subject line format to pre-header text, from the incorporation of images to the size and spacing of the text, while considering multiple strategies and factors involved in the success of an email marketing campaign.

    Referral Marketing Through EmailYour client’s and customers are your most significant assets, meaning the marketing they can perform for you is better than any other tool you can employ. Then why not reward them and provide them with incentives to recommend more clients to you. Emails have been proven to be the top medium, with the highest ROI, to promote your referral program.

    Abubble help you set up powerful referral automation and efficiently designed campaigns based on your referral programmes
    to entice your existing clientele to refer more potential customers to your business.

    Email Push NotificationsAs email marketing is one of the most acclaimed modes of getting your message across to your target audience, the competition in the industry has gotten extremely fierce. So why not take your email marketing campaign to the next level with dynamic push notifications.

    By incorporating non-invasive, valuable push notifications alongside your email marketing campaign, you can increase your CTR, email sharing, conversion rate, and overall ROI. Never let your well designed and thought out emails go unnoticed again with the help of professionally designed push notifications.

    Email AutomationTurn on granular targeting for your business’s email marketing campaigns with smart automation. Email automation allows you to send personalised emails to target email lists and spare your clients from receiving irrelevant information and give a more empathetic impression of your business.

    Each automation is created with data-driven triggers to create powerful and effective nurturing for the target audience. We help you cut down a significant chunk of your own physical effort from the marketing campaign while making it a lot more effective and efficient.

    Industry Specialised Email Marketing Solutions

    Email marketing in E-Commerce is a little different from your traditional email marketing and requires a specialist to make sure they can drive the most value out of it.

    An email marketing campaign for E-Commerce includes abandoned cart reminders, suggestions of similar products available on your website, upselling opportunities, cross selling opportunities, setting up bundle offers, arrival of products clients have been viewing for a while, announcements of discounts and rewards introduced, and much more.

    Abubble is equipped with the experts and resources required to bring all that to your email marketing and more!

    Now, if you’re running a hospitality business, you would know how the industry has gotten extremely competitive over the past few years and how email marketing is still the best marketing tool to keep your hotel rooms filled.

    Abubble provides specialised email marketing services for hospitality businesses complete with, setting up an email registration system, segmentation of customers, email calendar management, campaign tracking, lead nurturing, and following up to ensure that an interested lead is converted.

    For the Technology industry, the most important thing about generating leads from your subscribers is the level of awareness and trust they have to understand your innovative services and products.

    Abubble creates engaging and empowering emails for your tech
    business clients and lets them know how you have been creating utility and trying to improve their lifestyles! We provide you with completely personalised email signups and email templates to target your audience and urge them to convert!

    If used correctly, email marketing can prove to be an amazing conversion tool when it comes to enrollment to schools, colleges, and universities. Not only that, but it also helps in the process of retention by creatively engaging your current student body and alumni, making them feel like they are a part of a very large family that focuses heavily on studies.

    Email marketing provides you with the opportunity to get your message across, whether it is news updates for existing students, or opportunities for prospective students. This is where Abubble comes in! We provide you with
    personalised and targeted email designs and content that engages your new and existing students to strengthen your relationship with them.

    Why Let Abubble Take Care Of Your Email Marketing Needs?

    Although Email Marketing is still the most successful branding and marketing tool currently in the industry, it is still one of the oldest and most widely used, leading to a very diverse competition and very subjected audience that has seen it all.

    To ensure your email marketing campaign brings something fresh to the table that intrigues clients and provides them with value, you would need the help of an innovative email marketing agency that knows what goes around in the business world and how can an email bring your business in front of the competition.

    Abubble can do that! With years of experience and resources, our specialists will bring about a marketing revolution in your business and help it transform through:

    Customer Relationship Management Tools for Email Marketing
    Abubble - A Digital Marketing Agency

    Have A Question?

    Email marketing, although a highly accessible tool, has also created a competitive business environment where businesses are constantly reviewing their email marketing strategies to extract maximum value out of it. With new strategies, not having a professional email marketer onboard has become inevitable.

    Yes, Abubble is a full-service email marketing agency that provides everything from planning to implementing and performance analysis, and optimisation of your email marketing campaigns. We provide you with fully outsourced email marketing services and personalised solutions according to your business needs, goals, and objectives.

    Absolutely not! The best thing about email marketing is that you provide personalised information to people who have consensually signed up for it and have shown an interest in your services or products. Buying an email list eliminates that purpose as it is another form of invasive marketing;

    Abubble only works with GDPR and CCPA compliant email lists and ensures that the content provided stays compliant with the regional laws and regulations

    Abubble provides complete email marketing solutions meaning we target everything, from planning the email campaign to delivering it to your client’s inbox. This includes the designing and creation of the email’s content where our content marketing specialists create bespoke content for your email marketing.

    Choose Smart Email Marketing! Choose Abubble!

    Equip yourself with the best email marketing campaigns designed by people who know what they are doing!

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