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Digital Marketing Ideas For Christmas To Elevate Your Sales

Digital Marketing Ideas For Christmas To Elevate Your Sales

Every year, seasonal holiday purchases bring massive opportunities for businesses to elevate their sales to another level. Right after the pandemic, online shopping skyrocketed, and online businesses boomed all around the world. Consumers now trust eCommerce and make purchases online more often. With post-pandemic Christmas around the corner, businesses must look for creative and practical digital marketing ideas to maximize revenues throughout the holiday. Digital Marketing generates the business potential by:

  • Bringing new customers
  • Spreading brand awareness
  • Making your brand more personal
  • Increasing product demand and intent to buy

In this fast-paced world, Digital marketing strategies keep evolving with time, and many businesses find it challenging to remain relevant in the market. By reading this article curated with the guidance of experts at Abubble, you will be well-informed about all the latest trends and effective strategies. Effective Digital marketing at Christmas can highly increase your sales and revenues as consumers will likely be spending on buying last-minute gifts.

Top Digital Marketing Ideas That You Must Incorporate Into Your Businesses For Christmas

1. Revamp Your Website According To Christmas Eve

A brand’s online visual is the mood setter for the customers. You must prepare before the Christmas time approaches to avail maximum benefit and the same energy should be reflected through your website design. It is imperative to grab the visitors attention through website design, colours, and graphics. Persuade and convince customers to stay on your website by revamping the website for this special time.

Revamp Your Website According To Christmas Eve

2. Reach Audience Through Web Push Notifications

Once you revamp your website accordingly, your loyal customers and potential clients should be informed about new discounts and promotions, right? Therefore, web push notifications would be an ideal marketing idea for your business. Through web push notifications during Christmas helps you interact with your customers and announce your flash sales, alerts, and new arrivals.

web push Notifications and holiday marketing

3. Engage The Audience Through A Christmas-Themed Content Campaign

As the Christmas festival is all about giving and sharing, it would be exciting if a brand provides the opportunity to their customers to create the content and get featured. User-generated content would be a refreshing touch to your regular posts and add extra value to your brand.

If your customer actively participates in generating the content, you would ultimately develop a strong and more profound connection with them. In these sorts of events, brands tend to be user-centric because they provide valuable content with zero effort. As a brand, it can be proven as a highly effective opportunity to make the most out of the content by publishing it across different platforms. This is the right time to hire competent content marketing services so take maximum advantage of festivities. 

Spotlight Products & Services Of Your Business

Highlight your best selling products and services through your website and you may also add low selling products in the package to boost their sales as well. Identify those products ahead of time and try to release each blog per day and social media posts that would excite the next day’s feature product.

Create Christmas-Themed Videos

Keeping up with the trends, a trendy video can be a great addition to your marketing campaign. Create promotion videos around your business products and services depending on what you want to promote. Considering the latest trends, social media sites have introduced new features to grab the audience’s attention in a minimum time. Utilising those features like Youtube shorts, Instagram reels, Facebook Stories, and most importantly TikTok videos, you can easily increase your revenues.

Why video marketing is important during Christmas

Send Christmas Time Discount & Promotional Emails To Your Audience

Sending emails would be the best way to inform your subscribers about new deals and attract them through discounts and sales. You need to identify what your customer would like and target them accordingly. You must be experienced enough to write a catchy and interesting subject line and message to get a higher open and click-through rate. Having the right email marketing team onboard can further increase these rates. 

4. Remarket Your Products On Christmas

Remarketing is one of the common yet clever ways of digital marketing. Through remarketing, businesses can easily target the audience segment that is already interested in their products.

Create A Christmas-Themed Digital Catalogue For Products

A creative, well-crafted with incredible quality images and design would be a great way to display all of your products. You can use this catalogue everywhere as a marketing tool to promote your products.

Run Customised Christmas Google Ads Campaign

According to the research, 49% of surveyed shoppers agreed that they found new products and items through Google. Create google ads effective enough to reach shoppers at the right point. With the holiday approaching, it is indispensable to bring your brand online and highlight your products.

Run Countdown Urgency On Products At Christmas

Adding a countdown or a limited time offer in your ads is a great technique to intrigue customers and increase your sales. You can also use this opportunity to announce the last day for online orders for timely delivery before Christmas.

Run Countdown Urgency On Products At Christmas

5. Boost Your Christmas Sale Through Social Media

It would be useless if you were not involved in social media during Christmas eve for promotion. Social media has become a key platform for any brand to boost its brand visibility and gain new potential customers on its website through smart social media management. Social media is just not about posting stuff and sharing; you also need to develop a strategy to connect with your customer during this celebration.

Indulge Creators And Influencers In The Campaign

The influencers and creators hold massive loyal and dedicated following on social media platforms. People have high regard and respond actively to whatever these influencers suggest. These influencers establish their strong connections with their followers by providing them with creative and engaging content. Using them for promoting your products and Christmas special offers can be fruitful for your business during this time.

Market your business with Digital Marketing Experts

6. Launch Christmas Gift Cards

A gift card is one of the convenient and primary gift choices during the eve season. Most people find it challenging to choose a gift for someone because of so many options available. Introducing gift cards with a high value could be really valuable in increasing your sales.

7. Customised Packaging For Christmas

Introducing customised gift packaging is another marketing tactic that can boost your revenue by multi-folds. The idea is to add value without your consumers having to ask you. You can provide your customers with your branded packaging and include free Christmas theme wrapping materials to establish an empathetic connection with them.

8. Run Holiday Giveaways

Christmas is the right time to initiate healthy competition through exciting giveaways. Such giveaways help you increase your brand visibility in your target audience as they would share about your business in their social circles. A successful holiday giveaway can drive 34% more traffic to your website to increase brand awareness, social media following, and more sales. 

Increase your traffic through Christmas Givaways

9. Offer Your Customers Free Shipping

Offering free shipping encourages people to add products to the cart and checkout successfully. You might want to set a limit on spending costs for consumers to avail free shipping, intriguing them to buy more. Free shipping might not be possible for your service-based business, you can offer discounted subscription packages to get long term consumers.

Why offering free shipping is important to boost sales

10. Raise Charity This Holiday Season

Emotions play a huge role in decision making and Christmas is all about the season of goodwill and celebrating happiness. While some people celebrate the joy, some individuals or families face tough times financially and can’t buy stuff on Christmas. Thinking about the less fortunate by giving them gifts would build a good image of your brand and attract a larger audience. People who buy your product will most likely be the ones who can afford it and look for various ways to give the community back. There are a lot of ways you can pull the heartstrings of people, such as you can donate a certain amount to the charity if a certain product is purchased.

11. Extend Christmas Campaign Even After Christmas

If Christmas is over, that doesn’t mean that people would not be looking for deals and discounted rates on products. It can be a great opportunity for your brand to sell out the remaining stock and clear them out before the new year starts. You can reduce prices, even more, to make people open their wallets and spend money for any new year shopping.


We have found these Christmas marketing ideas work for our clients through such festive focused marketing strategies that also depend on the business and product type. It’s good to be creative and experiment with your marketing strategy during the holiday season. As said earlier the same ideas can be extended to target audiences for the new year Sales as well. 

How do you market your business during festive seasons, feel free to add in the comment below? We would love to share your unique ideas with our readers.

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